We are greatly inspired by women who go out of their way to get what they want. And when you’re getting paid for doing what you love, we are mercilessly drawn to you. Tshepang Mollison is no different. She’s one of our favourite social media influencers and in between that a brand strategist, a socialite and a PR manager for Family Tree artist, Tshego. 
Still wondering why we fell in love?

Re Basadi x Tshepang Mollison (@twiggymoli

1.What does your business entail?

I am a Lifestyle & Personal Style blogger full time which means that on a daily basis, I curate content for my blog and social media platforms as well as for other lifestyle and fashion brands.

When I am not doing that, I dabble in a bit of photography, Brand Strategy and PR Management for Family Tree singer/songwriter/producer Tshego.

2.What are some of the things you’ve had to do to turn your passion into a business?

Blogging. I started off blogging for fun, my blog was a platform that I used to express my thoughts, opinions and aspirations. With time, brands started approaching me to review or style their products and in exchange for product  or a small sum of money.

3.What was the inspiration? 

 I was literally getting paid to do what I love. No one would ever say no to that.

4.What are your goals? 

To run my own creative  & consultancy agency.

5.Who are some of the women you look up to?

My mom. She’s a superhero.

6.What are some of the principles you believe should never be compromised in business and personal relationships? 

Honesty and authenticity.

 7.What are some of the challenges you’ve had to face? 

 Being turned down for a lot of retail campaigns because my style is a little too edgy, being too explicit on social media and my personality is too rogue.

9.How do ensure that you stay motivated even when things go southward? 

 I am the breadwinner at home so that’s motivation enough.

10.Do you think the success of your business is determined by your physical appearance? 

 It doesn’t hurt that I am pretty but I think my confidence in my work, more than anything, has ensured that I am seen by big brands which has in turn led to my success over the past few years.

11.What advice can you give to a young aspiring Artrepreneur like yourself? 

Be yourself and stick to your guns.

12.What’s your favourite quote and why do you relate to it? 

“I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to better.” – Frida Kahlo

I relate to this quote because for the longest time I was committed to bettering others.

13.Best book you’ve ever read? Why is it your favourite? 

 Chimamanada Ngozi Adiche – Americanah

It’s well written and isnpired me to want to visit Nigeria in the near future. The description of the culture there in contrast to America was lovely.

“I will always cheer and support other women. Girl-love is a concept that is very foreign to men, they are so used to us bringing each other down that when they see us rooting for each other, it leaves them very dizzy and confused. I love it, I am about it.”

– Tshepang Mollison


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